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Trusted Rides is thankful for the passion and time that each of our Advisory Board members is willing to give. These professionals are experts in their field and believe in the Trusted Rides core values. Trusted Rides appreciates each of their sacrifice to advise on company growth, the planning progress, and community involvement.

Thank you to each of the following Trusted Rides Advisory Board Members:

Steve Jandernoa

President of Vine Line Group, LLC
Comstock Park, Michigan

SteveĀ Jandernoa is the president of Vine Line Group, a produce distribution company in Comstock Park, Michigan. Steve’s prior experience includes serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Heeren Companies and working at Ernst & Young and KPMG.

Steve is an active community volunteer and Board member of Artists Creating Together and Catholic Central High School. He is married to Holly, and they are parents to four sons.

Kathy Holt

Senior Vice President of Sales at Hungry Planet
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kathy has executive experience in channel sales and marketing for national and private brands, along with trade management, operator development and structuring teams for success. Kathy earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Ferris State University. Kathy is involved with many West Michigan non profit organizations.

Nicole Laughlin

President & Chief Client Officer Havas Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Nicole is experienced in marketing and brand development. Nicole has lead positions in Global Marketing Solutions with Facebook to Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development with Meijer which has given her a strong leadership background. Nicole earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois.

Carl McQueen

Directory of Technology & Advanced Analytics – McQueen Mackin & Associates
St. Louis, Missouri

Carl earned his Bachelors of Science in Information Systems from Calvin University, graduating in 2008. Carl worked for Wells Fargo Advisors as a business analyst and technical data scientist and eventually in management over his 10 years there. In 2019, Carl joined McQueen Mackin & Associates to bring non-profits and mission based organizations the learning and insight that time at one of the largest organizations in the world provided. Carl has a wife and son and is based in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Ken Kollar

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ken has an extensive transportation and logistics background. Ken has spent 25+ years in transportation field and brings vast knowledge to Trusted Rides. Ken is a Grand Rapids native and continues his volunteer involvement within the West Michigan community.

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