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Frequently asked Questions

Trusted Rides™ was founded to provide a safe world-class transportation platform to help parents find success in the midst of a busy world.
Does Trusted Rides offer group and/or neighborhood pricing?
Yes. We are currently adding this feature to the Trusted Rides App. Please call Trusted Rides office (616) 490-7468 or use the chat feature on our website for details.
How is Trusted Rides different from other rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft?
Trusted Rides is transportation service specifically designed for children age 5+ which includes increased security and insurance specifically formulated to cover minors. Other ride service companies like Uber and Lyft are not insured to carry passengers under 18 years of age and their terms of service specifically prohibit the use of their services by children.

All Trusted Rides drivers must pass a rigorous review process and maintain annual certification to drive for Trusted Rides. All drivers must be 21 years old with a minimum 5 years of child care experience, clean driving, clean background check and a car that passes a 21-point inspection. Each driver will meet individually with Trusted Rides, attend a 616 Safety Training session and pass a road test with a Trusted Rides trainer.

How will I know who is picking up my child?
After you book a ride, you will be notified via text when a driver has been assigned. For each assigned ride, you will see the driver’s profile along with an introductory video so you can get to know your driver.
How will my child recognize the Trusted Rides driver?
For each assigned ride, you will see the driver’s profile along with an introductory video so you can get to know your driver. Additionally, you will receive a picture of the vehicle and a secret password. It is recommended that you review this information and go over the detailed pickup and drop-off instructions with your child.
How do I ensure my child gets in the right vehicle?
All Trusted Rides vehicles are marked with company logo decals and the driver will be wearing a company logo t-shirt. Upon arrival the driver will state the secret password to your child. Please advise your child to only get in the vehicle if the secret password is a match. This password should not be shared with anyone else and will be issued for each individual ride (i.e. new password for each trip). It is recommended that you review this information and go over the detailed pickup and drop-off instructions with your child prior to the ride.

Once the secret password has been verified, the driver will click the confirmed rider button within the Trusted Rides APP and you will receive an alert notification indicating that your child has ben picked up. From there you can watch the drive from start to finish via the geo-tracking map.

How will I know if my child has been picked up or dropped off?
Trusted Rides uses state-of-the-art technology to track the drive in real-time. Once the driver confirms your child by verifying a secret password match, you will receive an alert notification that your child has been picked up and the ride has started. At that time you can login to the APP and see a geo-tracking map in real-time. Once your child has been dropped off, the driver will end the ride and you will receive another alert notification that your child has arrived safely.
Can I have my child signed in or out at a school?
Yes, a Trusted Rides driver can sign your child in/out of school with your permission. While booking your ride, click the Require Sign-in/Sign-out button to indicate to the driver that a signature is required. Also, please contact the school ahead of time to authorize the pickup/drop-off.

If you would like to setup a reoccurring pickup/drop-off, please contact Trusted Rides and we will assist you in working with the school to ensure the proper process and safety of your child.

What is the average cost per ride for my child?

The price per ride is dependent on a combination of time and location. The further the ride, the more it costs. A minimum ride is $15.00 and an additional $1 for each extra rider (leaving the same location). Please contact us for further details.

Trusted Rides offers each family (1) no cost ride so both parents and children can experience the service.

What is the criteria to be a Trusted Riders driver?

Trusted Riders drivers come from all different backgrounds including teachers, firefighters, police officers, community church leaders and more. In order to be certified as a Trusted Riders driver, an individual must complete the following items:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Minimum 5 years of child care experience
  • Clean background check
  • Clean driving record
  • Reliable 4-door vehicle less than 10 years old
  • 21-point vehicle inspection
  • 616 Safety Training
  • Road Test
What happens if I don't like the driver I am assigned?
Included in the APP is a ride rating system where you can share your experience. When leaving your experience, there is an option to not be matched with the same driver again.
What happens in the event of a weather emergency?

The primary focus for Trusted Rides is safety for both riders and drivers at all times. In the event of an immediate weather emergency, drivers will receive a message from the Trusted Rides support team on the action they need to take. After the driver has been contacted, the Trusted Rides support team will also inform the parents of the direction taken to ensure safety for both rider and driver.

When there is inclement weather, Trusted Rides may cancel all rides (declare a “snow day”) to protect the safety of our riders and drivers. Trusted Riders will monitor school closings in your area to determine if there will be a Trusted Rides snow day. If we declare a snow day, we will alert you via push notification or SMS and will cancel your ride(s) for you. Trusted Rides snow day cancellations are not bound by the cancellation policy. Parents will not be charged for cancelled rides, nor will the driver be compensated for these cancellations. We want to ensure all riders and drivers stay safe and avoid potentially dangerous driving conditions.

Please contact our experienced support team at (616) 490-7468 or use our “chat” function on the website if you have any questions.

Can my child sit in the front seat?
We believe the back seat is the safest spot for children no matter the age or height. That being said, if you have a child 5’ and/or 9 years of age, you may give permission during to booking process to allow your child to sit in the front seat.
What if my child is required to be in a booster seat?
All riders under age 8 are required to ride in a booster seat and all Trusted Rides drivers are equipped with one brand new booster seat. During the ride booking process, you can indicate if you would like to reserve the Trusted Rides booster or if you prefer to use your own.
What happens if an accident occurs while my child is in the vehicle?
In the case of an accident, drivers are instructed to pull to the side of the road and call the authorities, emergency responders (as necessary), and our live driver support team. We will contact parents immediately to let them know what happened and next steps.
What happens if my child has to use the restroom while in route?
Trusted Rides drivers are not allowed to stop between pickup and drop-off destination points. We recommend having your child use the restroom before pick up.
How does Trusted Rides handle service animals?
Trusted Rides is required by law to accommodate service animals and make other reasonable accommodations for passengers with special needs. Out of courtesy to the driver and future riders, we do not allow animals except for service animals, who are always welcome passengers.
What happens if a rider leaves an item in the vehicle?
Please contact the Trusted Rides support team and we will work to facilitate a retrieval of the item.
Any routes you will not take?

Currently Trusted Rides has a solid footprint in West Michigan and we are expanding in different markets. Signup for notifications to be notified with additional markets have been added.

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